[Engsub Full] Bad Romance | 花为眉 Chinese BL18+

Beijing has to be one of the most exciting cities in the world. Follow seven young men and women and their love lives. Heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual affairs happen across the city. A single mom meets a young student; a city boy meets a guy of his dreams; a girl falls into a love game between a male and a female classmate from her French class. Francois Chang’s debut feature is a stunningly beautiful story of love and life in contemporary China.
The film takes place against a background of Versace shop windows and Lady Gaga ringtones, in a China that is increasingly fascinated with the West. All kinds of love can be bad romances, have unhappy endings, are hopeless. A melodrama about the teenagers of the new middle-class with sex scenes that are very explicit for Chinese cinema, usually heavily censored.
Country: China
Release Year: 2011
Aka: Hua wei mei, Les mauvais romans
Director: François Chang
Writer: François Chang
Language: Chinese
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 84 min
Cast:Will Bay, Hayden Leung, Nranus Chen, Jason Lau, Chan Chan, François Chang
Studio:Contrejour Productions


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