[Full] Double Mints | ダブルミンツ | Japan BL 2017



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D.Mints 1
D.Mints 2
D.Mints 3
D.Mints 4
D.Mints 1

Double Mints | Part 1 | Japan BL 2017


OO1  |  OO2 |  OO3  |  OO4



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OO1  |  OO2 |  OO3  |  OO4



OO1  |  OO2  |  OO3  |  OO4

“We can’t live without each other. You’re my other half.” “I’ve killed a woman.” The domineering voice on the phone was that of a high school classmate, Mitsuo Ichikawa(Shunsuke). Buried memories from the past resurface in the heart of a man with the same name, Mitsuo Ichikawa(Yasushi Fuchikami). It drags him right back into the passions of the past. They reunite as accomplices, yet their relationship as master and servant slowly changesinto something else.

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