[Engsub] Love Online – 拜托!别黑我!番外 – Taiwan BL

The story about second-generation rich kid, Bai Xiao Peng and Lan Yi Jing, a boy-turned-singer from his childhood (that he doesn’t remember… Say what? They were betrothed to each other? But I don’t like him at all, arrogant jerk!) which swiftly turns into something more, until they become known as the “Lan Bai CP”

Idol singer Lan Yi Jing and news company CEO Bai Xiao Peng were very close as children until they were 6 years old. Then Lan Yi Jing had to leave with his family to live in Canada, with Bai Xiao Peng holding up to him and crying at the airport due to departure. Years later both have lost direct contact, and yet keep an eye on eath other. There is nothing one do that the other does not know. Short before Lan Yi Jing’s 20 years old birthday his father comes to China to check on him and to meet with his older frieds in a reunion dinner. It is in that dinner that Lan Yi Jing and Bai Xiao Peng see each other again, after so long. The feelings of their childhood revive… bringing this two once more as close as they were.


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