Top BL Movie of November, 2016

(Eng.Sub) BL – Robot Lover  The Falls: Covenant of Grace (2016) 
Chemsex (2015)  (English) The Falls 2012 
[Eng.Sub] I’m Here – Our twelve years is a reincarnation legend [Eng.Sub] Seven Days : Monday to Thursday, Friday to Sunday 
[Full – Eng.Sub] Chinese boy love movie – Imperfect  BL Movie  – He Can 2016 (Touching – 人造暖男 )
(Eng.Sub) BL Movie 错生 – SWAP  [Eng.Sub] BoyLove – Brave together | 勇敢在一起
(Eng.Sub) BL Movie – The Map of Sex and Love (2001)  [BoyLove] Boss, I love you – 老板,我爱你 (2014) 
 [BoyLove Movie] We Hold, Cherish Truly Love (Eng.Sub) BL Movie Hard to give up – 男捨男分 
 (Eng.Sub) – The Fox of LiaoZhai (男狐聊齋)  BL – The male queen 韩子高
 [Eng.Sub] Korean BoyLove – Night Flight  [Eng.Sub] BoyLove – Forbidden Love | Kindan no Koi
[Eng.Sub] BoyLove movie The Raccoon 2016  [English Sub] BoyLove LOST 
[Eng.Sub] Emotional boylove movie – Get Together  [HD Eng.Sub] BL movie – Ghost BoyFriend -灵界基友 
[Eng.Sub] BoyLove | From Now To The Past – 从现在到以前  [Eng.Sub] Thai BoyLove movie | Present Perfect 
[Eng.Sub] Gay movie – The Course Of Life  [Eng.Sub] Boy Love Movie – For Love, We can 
The next summer presents  [Eng.Sub] BoyLove movie – Private teacher 
[Eng.Sub] Boy Love movie – Paradise in Heart  [Eng.Sub] An Encounter In Chengdu 1 – 邂逅成都 
[Eng.Sub] Unbounded love | An Encounter In Chengdu 2  [Eng.Sub] Korean BL| Just Friends ? – 친구사이 2009 
[EngSub] BoyLove – Rainbow without colours – 无色彩虹(2015)  [Full-Eng.sub]  放肆 – I Go To School Not By Bus 
[Eng.Sub] A round trip to love – 双程 – Season 1  [ Eng.Sub] Perfect Man’s man | 完美男人的男人 
[Eng.Sub] Boy Love movie | 双 – Pair of Love  [Eng.Sub] Boy Love romance – Alternative Love 1- 另类爱情 
[Eng.Sub] BoyLove – Is it the end ? | 假如這是我們的終結  [Eng.Sub] Boy Love Movie – The monster – 困兽 
Boy Love – Even We’re Apart  [Eng.Sub] Korea Boy Love – I used to smile that way 
[Eng.Sub] Bite Fight – 暮夜传说 (Like to suck men’s blood)  [Eng.Sub] Korea Boy Love – Some 2014 
[Eng.Sub] I like you. Do you know ? – 我喜欢你。 你知道吗  [Full – EngSub] BoyLove – Takumi kun Series 1-2-3-4-5 
(English) BL Movie – Front Cover 2015  (Uncut 2 season) Happy ending -Uncontrolled Love -不可抗力 

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