(Eng.Sub HD) Akron 2015 | US Boy love movie

Country: USA
Release Year: 2015
Director: Sasha King, Brian O’Donnell
Writer: Brian O’Donnell
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance
Runtime: 87 min
Cast: Matthew Frias, Edmund Donovan
Amy da Luz, Joseph Melendez
Cailan Rose, Isabel Rose Machado

Benny, a college freshman at the University of Akron, Ohio meets and falls for fellow freshman Christopher at a football game. With the support of their families and friends they embark on a new relationship. But a tragic event in the past involving their mothers soon comes to light and threatens to tear them apart. Akron is a moving family drama and a sensitive young adult love story of two young men falling in love in the Midwest and their will to overcome the most painful of truths.




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