ENGSUB | Amphetamine | Hongkong BL (18+)

Kafka, a straight fitness trainer meets Daniel, a passionate executive who happens to be gay. The young men fatefully fall in love and believe that their love can bridge anything, even their difference in sexuality and Kafka’s drug habits. Daniel does not regret his love for Kafka, who tries to love him back against his nature. But a dreadful memory from Kafka’s past makes it difficult for their relationship to work. It turns out that their addiction to love proves more fatal than the drugs they use to explore the boundaries of their friendship.

Country: Hong Kong
Release Year: 2010
Aka: An Fei Ta Ming
Director: Scud
Writer: Scud
Language: Cantonese, English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 96 min
Cast:Byron Pang, Thomas Price, Winnie Leung, Linda So, Simon Tam, Li Hua Peng, Chen Kok Sun
Studio: Artwalker, PRO-FUN media



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PART 01  |  PART 02

2 Comments on ENGSUB | Amphetamine | Hongkong BL (18+)

  1. ConcernedVeiwer // December 15, 2018 at 7:56 am // Reply

    I love this site, but please refrain from putting things that aren’t subbed in the English subs section. It is very confusing.

  2. I really don’t get it. It says ENGSUB yet there are no ENGSUB when it is posted.

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