A six-episode television series adaptation based on the manga of the same name by Mayo Tsurakame. Shunya Kaneko, famous for his role in Ultraman Trigger, and Kota Nomura will take on the lead roles of Hirokuni Watari and Kai Fukaya, respectively.

Hiro is so stressed at work that he can barely eat properly or get enough sleep. As he passed out on the sidewalk after another stressful day, an unfamiliar face called out to him – apparently they had promised to get married? What was Kai Fukaya’s deal and why did he insist on taking on the role of Hiro’s fiancé?

Tadaaki Horai, who participated in the production of the live-action ‘My Love Mix-Up!’, will direct the film. Takeshi Miyamoto, known for his work on ‘Old Fashion Cupcake’, will write the script. The series is expected to premiere on Fuji TV On Demand, with six episodes, next year.