[Engsub 13 END] Together with me the series – อกหักมารักกับผม

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This story takes place before the events of Bad Romance The Series. It focuses on Korn and Knock and how they met and all the obstacles they faced before they officially became a couple.

English name : Together with me the series | อกหักมารักกับผม
Year : 2017
Region: Thailand
Staring : Diloknawarit Nattapol (Korn), Thanasrivanitchai Pakorn(Knock), Bumrungkit Pimnitchakun(Yihwa)
Language: Thai

Engsub by Yu Thanh Thien


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  2. Hello! I’m so close to finishing this series and it’s been great! Thank you for all of your amazing updates and translations/subtitles. I do have a question though. I’m on episode 12 however it says that the folder is empty. is there a possible way that the links for episode 12 and 13 could either be updated or that the episodes be sent over to my email? Thanks in advance! If it’s not possible, then that’s alright too, I don’t want to make you work too hard for only two episodes!

    • Actually, there’s no need! Sorry if you’ve already seen the previous comment :O I found the last two remaining episodes fully subbed c: thank you again for all of your hard work in translating and providing great shows for us!! <3

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