“VIP Only / 保留席位” is one of the three upcoming Taiwanese BL under the VIdol Boys Love project along with Isaac Yang and Hong Waji’s “Stand By My Side” and “Your Man”, which the main actors haven’t revealed yet. The drama consists of ten episodes with 20-minute run-time and stars actors Stan Huang from Lin Pei Yu’s “Miracle” novel promotion and actor Chen Xuan. It depicts the story of a novelist who goes to a noodle shop to “collect experiences” and gradually understands true love under the limited feeding of the noodle shop owner.


SYNOPSIS: Gu Jin, the owner of the retro and creative noodle shop, opens the shop any time he wants, and Liu Li always grabs the quietest seat. As a writer of BL novels, Liu Li writes in the noodle shop, goes on dates, and gets broken up there, too. It turned out that the so-called dating is just “collecting writing materials”. In order to soothe his heart, Gu Jin started to give Liu Li a limited bowl of spicy beef noodles every time he gets broken up. Because of these bowls of noodle soup, the two gradually gets closer. At this time, Liu Li’s fixated fellow student comes back….

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