Is a story in the early 90s. Two young men head to Taipei. A place that is ready to hurt all of their senses. Because in schools there are anti and bully homosexuals

But everything was freed When the school started accepting girls to come to school, but the 3 “homosexual” words are still like poisonous snakes for others. And afterwards The love of both of them began to rage because of the arrival of a female student.

Directors: Yu Ning Chu
Chris and Edward Chen(Red Balloon) just finished shooting a gay film “刻在你心裡的名字(Your Name Engraved Herein)” and Chris plays a supporting role this time.

The director was the one who directed Taiwanese drama “It Started With a Kiss” and the sequel, which were really popular in the past. And this is the third time that Edward plays a leading role as LGBT.

The story revolves around the time when the Martial law in Taiwan came to an end in 1987. Two students’s love entangled with the society that craved for freedom.


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