Q: What do you think of love?
A: Personally, I think love is kind of a process of emotion. First of all, two guys get to know each other, then there comes understanding, like, getting along with, integrate and finally love. So love is an emotion with love. Of course, apart from love, there m be other emotions when two guys are together, such as “sex” and “friendship”. If you just like a short-term passion, why should it be far fetched to call it love? So I think, some people may not follow the order or even reverse in the process of a relationship, but as long as the principle is sincere, and they have each other in their heart and the ultimate goal is love, then this kind of relationship is worthy of trusting each other.
Q: What do you think of true love?
A: I don’t think that true love is an appearance of saying that I love you, I miss you every day, and giving all kinds of sweet appellations. Of course, it doesn’t mean that it can’t exist. The real love is that you know me and I know you, you guys care about each other and take care of each other. He is willing to do everything for you and you are willing to give everything for him. Many things are tacit to you.
He will think of you for anything he does in his world, and you do, too. You are lovers, confidants and more like a family.
Q: Have you ever had any such unforgettable feelings?
A: Yes, we had been together for more than seven years since college. We do love each other, but for some practical reasons, we have to be separated. We are still very good friends. He is my first and last boyfriend so far.
Q: Do you think you can still be friends or stay together after breaking up?
A: Of course, if you’ve been together for so long, and you knew each other, he might be your best friend in the future, but just in a different relationship. Your past can be put down, but please don’t cut off your future relationship absolutely, after all, in a sense, no one owes anyone.
Q: Do you have any expectations about your love affair?
A: Sort of, I didn’t look forward to it specially. I just let it be, but I just feel it’s hard to find someone as good as him. Hahaha!
Q: How do you feel about this shooting?
A: The shooting was very enjoyable, and other partners were also very interesting. Photographer Mu Chum is a very thoughtful, approachable person. He has his own unique, profound views on the design of scripts and the meaning expressed in his works. It’s a very interesting and meaningful shooting. Thank you.
Q: Do you have any plans for the future? A: Improve myself. I would like to improve my body and enhance my connotation, because I’m a workaholic, and I like to keep learning new things, not only to advance myself but also to enrich my life. Work hard and produce more good works. Work is the most important thing. Working hard is not only to make myself have a good living condition, but also to enrich myself better. I also hope that I can constantly produce some good works. I hope that readers and fans can see not only the superficial art, but also the inner meaning. Strengthen myself and help others. I hope to strengthen myself constantly. I remember all of those who have helped me, I hope I can be strong enough to repay them in the future, and use my meager power to help those who do need help.