[18] A perfect night with the perfect person

It begins with attraction, and anticipation. A nice date, good food, and a mutual interest in becoming physical. The kiss, when it happens, is a promise of things to come.

A hesitation, unhurried, to provide the mindset so you can remember the moment.

Then a quick peck of soft pursed lips, followed immediately by a hungry open mouth. Wet, and hot, and swollen. No tongue, just lips trying to swallow lips.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Hands… traveling curves with intent, gripping lightly, but with force. Encouraging, kneading, pleading, controlling… Soft skin and hard muscles, two bodies tentative, but with growing insistence. Caressing lightly at first but searching for ways to shape themselves into each other, to inhabit, to indulge, to become. The scent of passion…

Breaking off is difficult, the mind stunned, the head light with vertigo. The world rocked.

A promise…