I love porn. But I don’t always love the ways in which porn conditions us.

Case in point: Most mainstream porn videos follow the same old formula. The guys kiss. They blow each other. They rim. They fuck. And then they cum. When we consume this sequence over and over again, it can condition us to replicate this formula in our real-life sex.

When it comes to sex, the possibilities are endless. We are inhabiting bodies that are hard-wired for pleasure. It’s been estimated that each of us has forty-five miles of nerves and something like 100 billion neurons. It’s time to try something new.


Today’s video, aptly titled Connect the Dots, helps us experience more of our pleasure potential. Featuring tantric sex coach Brad Amberheart, we filmed this video with retreat participants at Easton Mountain. Check out a free preview or join Himeros.tv for the full-length video.

In the video, Brad Amberheart and Will Tantra demonstrate cock-u-pressure techniques to the class, and help the men discover their erogenous zones through a step-by-step process. The aim of this video is to demonstrate a series of specific cock-stimulation techniques and body positions designed for lovers to excite each other. By trying this at home, viewers can “connect the dots” and create erotic energy circuits to enter into a state of mind-blowing perpetual bliss.


Viewers learn how to:

  • Enjoy cock-to-cock stimulation
  • Discover positions to activate natural highs in the body
  • Use the mouth, belly, ass, and other parts of your body to excite and arouse lovers, all while using hands to move energy from his cock and balls to activate the body
  • Position the body in a way which maximizes friction and pleasure
  • Activate whole-body orgasmic circuits using juxtapositions of hands, hearts, feet, cocks, balls, and hot ass
  • Discover and positively identify all-out fuck-zones all over the body


Beyond the educational aspect of the video, it’s a delight to watch men of all ages, shapes and sizes discover pleasure with their partners. At Himeros.tv, we know that sexual ecstasy is for EVERY body and pleasure is a birthright.