The romantic, sexy, feel-good comedy FOAM PARTY! begins with one mass text that circulates among friends and then strangers…an invite to an orgy. The location is Milo’s mansion, and it was his best friend Gus who initiated the invite as his birthday surprise. At the party, the lives of fourteen characters intersect. They came searching for sex but what they discover is an orgy that has never been so filled with love. And if the orgy wasn’t enough, Gus brings a foam cannon into the mix. Everyone washes away their inhibitions, reveling in their feelings, and once the foam disappears…all of them will have changed

Country: Spain
Release Year: 2017
Aka: Como la espuma
Director: Roberto Pérez Toledo
Writer: Roberto Pérez Toledo
Language: Spanish | Runtime: 94 min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast: Diego Martínez, Nacho San José , Carlo D’Ursi, Javier Ballesteros , Jonás Beramí, Pepe Ocio
Studio: Potenza Producciones, Pony Films, La Panda


PART 01  |  PART 02