ENGSUB – The Smell of Us (18+)

A group of skateboarders in Paris are at the heart of a loose coalition of young people who do drugs and have sex. Several of them are rent boys, including the Dorian Gray/Narcissus of the group Math and his friend JP who is in love with him, but is continually rejected because Math reckons he’s only gay for pay. There’s a girl who sometimes comes over and is jealous of JP’s closeness to Math, and so she snitches on JP to his parents, and there’s an indigent old man nicknamed Rockstar whom the group tolerate as a kind of mascot/despised pet. And there’s Michael Pitt with a guitar in a couple of scenes looking slightly uncomfortable at being so clearly surplus to requirements.

Country: France
Release Year: 2014
Director: Larry Clark
Writer: Mathieu Landais, Larry Clark
Language: French, English, Japanese
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 84 min
Cast: Hugo Behar-Thinières, Lukas Ionesco, Théo Cholbi, Diane Rouxel, Ryan Ben Yaiche, Larry Clark



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PART 01  |  PART 02