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(1) What is Gcinee’s Subscriber ?
It’s a special user of gcinee who can access to gcinee without seeing banner ads, popup ads, popunder ads, redirect ads and watch movie without player ads. In the future, we will expand some special member-only content.

(2) What’s the difference between a Gcinee’s Subscriber  and Visitor ?
+ As a visitor, you can :
1. Watching all available movies for FREE but will have ads to help us to keep the website running.
2. Some episodes can be/will have splitted into some small parts to speed up the rendering and upload process.

+ As a subscriber, you can :
1. Access to without ads (banner ads, popup ads, popunder ads, redirect ads, player ads)
2. Watching all available movies without ads by using special link for subscriber.
3. You can watch the full episode without splitting.
4. All episodes will be in the same place for watching.
5. There is no redirect page between posts
6. You can load the website faster when all ads are cancelled.

(3) Please note that there’ll not be any change about the content at gcinee before and after buying for gcinee’s subscriber.

(4) How many kinds of membership are there in “gcinee” ?
 All members will be “subscriber” after paying the membership fee. So there is only one kind of membership in gcinee.
But there will be 5 kinds of packages with different promotions for members.

(5) List benefits of every package.


G3 [Off 08% for annual membership]  GCINEE Subscription (3$) 3$
COMBO G2A (30 days) [Off 9%] GCINEE Subscription (2$) + PINKTEQUILA Subscription (9$). 2+9=11$
COMBO G2B (30 days) [Off 9%] GCINEE Subscription (2$) + BLOFFICIAL Subscription (BASIC 9$) . 2+9=11$
COMBO G1 (30 days) [Off 38%] GCINEE Subscription (1$) + BLOFFICIAL Subscription (STANDARD 17$) + PINKTEQUILA Subscription (0$). 1+17+0=18$
COMBO G0 (12 months) [Off 72%] GCINEE Subscription (1$) + BLOFFICIAL Subscription (PREMIUM-1 84$) + PINKTEQUILA Subscription (0$).  (1*12)+84+0=96$
COMBO G0 (24 months) [Off 74%] GCINEE Subscription (1$) + BLOFFICIAL Subscription (PREMIUM-2 160$) + PINKTEQUILA Subscription (0$).  (1*24)+160+0=184$

(*) The promotion packages G2B, G1, G0 are only for the newest transaction. If you are already VIP members of blofficial, you can change to the new package to continue.


(6) All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, think twice before sending payment. 


(7) Send us your request to join gcinee’s subscriber to [email protected]

Username : …………

Email Address : …………

First name : …………

Last name : …………

The package I want to join : …………


With the price of a cup of coffee to enjoy all hot movies/series without being annoyed because of ads. Why not ?

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