The film delves into the lives of Wai Kit, a 23-year-old undergrad who lives with his 27-year-old insurance agent boyfriend, Justin, as they approach their first anniversary with differing expectations and values shaped by their earlier relationship experiences. While Justin is described as being “remarkably idealistic, believing in the virtues of monogamy,” Wai Kit has been “in and out of relationships”. To complicate matters, Justin’s participation at a ‘party-and-play’ session just months before meeting Justin comes back to haunt him.

◎title: anniversary

◎ Original name: The Anniversary

◎ Year: 2009

◎Region: Singapore

◎ Language: English

◎ Length: 15 minutes

◎ Category: Short Film / Same Sex

A short film by Singapore’s famous gay director Chen Ziqian tells about the entanglement between sex and love.




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