WHAT SHE LIKES (彼女が好きなものは)


High school student Jun Ando spends his days hiding the fact that he is gay. One day, at her bookstore, she encounters her classmate Sae Miura buying a so-called BL manga on the theme of love between men. Sae, who secretly likes BL, simply shuts her up by saying, “I don’t want her to tell anyone,” but she didn’t know yet. That Jun in front of her is gay. Jun has a same-sex lover, Makoto, who has a wife and children, but after an encounter at a bookstore, Jun and Sae suddenly get closer. While deepening relationships by going on a double date with Saeda’s friends and playing with her classmates at an amusement park, Jun is confessed to her by Sae. She wonders, “Isn’t it possible for me to have a ‘normal’ relationship with a woman and lead a ‘normal’ life?” But…

Starring: Fuju Kamio Anna Yamada Oshiro Maeda Ryota Miura Akina Ikeda
Daichi Watanabe Toko Miura / Yuto Isomura Sayaka Yamaguchi / Tsubasa Imai






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