WHEELS AND AXLE | Shajiku | 車軸


The movie “Shajiku” with the main cast Yano Masato, Suzuki Uri, Mizuishi Atomu will be released from November 17 this year.

This is a work adapted by director Matsumoto Junpei from the novel of the same name by poet and novelist Osano Dan. The film depicts the true appearance of modern youth through a love triangle between young people living in Kabukicho, Tokyo.

The main characters include Jun (Yano) – a rich and openly gay man, Manami (Suzuki) – a university student who hates his parents’ rich but fake home, and Seiya (Mizuishi). ) – a host guy.

Also starring Lily Franky, Tsutsui Mariko, Okuda Eiji.