[Full] To Be Continued – Secret of a heart that doesn’t exist 2 | ตอนความลับของหัวใจที่ไม่มีจริง

What happens when Boss and Win get back together again? But Win is in a realtionship with  Doctor Earth. If Boss is still going to continue. Of course, there must be a lot of trouble.

Directed : Chukiat Sakvirikul

Written : Chukiat Sakvirikul, Ekkachai Sooksiri, Kongkiat Charuksakul

Starring : Boi Thanasak, Pichitch Vidh, Jason Young, Bruce Sirikorn, Boy Piya, brother friend Vorakarn.

Production Director Vorarit Vijayana

Producer Thip Montri Kul Na Ayutthaya





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  1. Hi 🙂
    I don’t want to annoy you, but I have a question. Are you gonna translate “To Be Continued – Secret of a heart that doesn’t exist 2”?

    Thanks and lots of love


  2. where’s the english sub of “Secret of a heart that doesn’t exist 2 “? i’ve watch the first season like almost a year ago 🙁
    please make the sub naa naa naa… without subs, i just can’t follow with what they talked about

  3. Please sub this. I really like the storyline & the casts of this series. I’ve watched season 1 but I cannot watch this because I cannot understand what they are talking about. Can someone sub this series please?

  4. hi when this series will have eng subtitle.. i have been waiting for a while.. im really appreciate if admin can help the viewer

  5. I am trying to watch season 2 of To be Continued: secret of a heart that doesn’t exist but unfortunately, there is no English subtitles. I am disappointed and sad because I am really looking forward to watch second season. Can you guys help to fix This? Thanks.

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