Ha-neul (27), a job seeker who has nowhere to go after breaking up with his lover, Jung-min (33), moves to the house of his best friend Bong-sik (27), who lives in a tiny room. Bong-sik working as a BJ with a high tension + one-person broadcasting concept is courted by Min-ho (27), an attractive straight-forward man, but somehow just hesitates. Haneul and Jungmin try to reconcile, but they only go against each other and unintentionally hurt each other. One day, Jung-min is in a car accident and Han-eul has to bring back Ari, the cat they used to raise together.

Starring: Lee Hong-Nae (이홍내), Jung Whee (정휘), Kwak Min-Kyu (곽민규), Yeom Moon-Kyung (염문경), Lee Jung-Eun (이정은), Kang Jung-Woo (강정우).


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