1. Atelier Kiss
Naoki is asked by his teacher, Yamashiro, a high school art teacher, to work part-time as a model for his paintings, with whom he has been crushing since high school.

2. Grown Up Kiss
Yoshii and Komine are colleagues who share similar interests and personalities. Komine’s sudden abroad absence leaves Yoshii feeling lonely. Two years later, the two meet again, and Komine’s feeling is shaken off by Yoshii, who is matured now.

3. Idol Kiss Practice Edition 
Subaru (Nakano On) and Mugi (Akabane Ryuga) are members of a five-member boy group. The two are known as good friends, even among their fans. But their real relationship is… lovers. Of course, their relationship was kept a secret even within their group. Today, they are filming a drama in which both of them will appear. In one of the scenes, Subaru and actress Nanami (Kina Yazaki) will kiss each other. Even though he knew it was an act, Mugi is not okay with it. Subaru, amused by this, invites Mugi to practice kissing with him…

4. Fever Kiss
Daichi and Mitsuki, classmates since junior high, have deep feelings for each other. After their parents remarried, they became stepbrothers. One day, Daichi collapses and goes to the infirmary, leaving Mitsuki alone and sneaking out to check on Daichi.