[SERIES] OUR LAST DAY (รักสุดใจนายแฟนเด็ก) – GCINEE

[SERIES] OUR LAST DAY (รักสุดใจนายแฟนเด็ก)

Ark , a handsome playboy who, after a heavy night partying, wakes up to find himself in a bed with an unknown guy, named Fayai, whom he had sex with and he was on the receiving end. What’s worse is that he’s being blackmailed. Ark has to follow Fayai’s order, a bad university student. Or else, Fayai will release the ”secret pictures” to Ark’s workplace. Moreover, Fayai keeps pestering Ark and makes him come to his house every day after work, and become Fayai’s ”maid”, doing everything from cleaning to cooking. In addition, Fayai even prevents him to meet up with girls. Fayai is the destroyer of his happiness. Ark doesn’t understand why Fayai is doing this. However, being close to each other, makes Fayai develop special feelings toward Ark and vice versa. Hatred turned into love with them realizing it.