Starring: Longsue Lee (Long) as Day and Thanatsaran Samthonglai as It
Plot: ‘It’ was raped by ‘Day’ because ‘It’ was the mastermind behind the plan that hurt ‘Day’s’ younger brother ‘Night’. This plan was to trick ‘Night’ into falling in love with ‘It’s’ friend, ‘Gear’, who then raped him. ‘Day’ discovered the plan after it happened and took his revenge by raping ‘It’ and videotaping the rape as blackmail material. Whenever ‘It’ said something that ‘Day’ didn’t like, he would verbally and physically beat and abuse him. ‘Day’ used this videotape to blackmail ‘It’, and forced him to come and live with him. They started to grow feelings for each other despite the extreme situation. Especially ‘It,’ who wanted ‘Day’ to make his feelings clear. So he ran away with the help of ‘Night’. After this ‘Day’ went crazy when he found out and realized how much he really liked ‘It’ despite what he did to him. He found ‘It’ and made up with him. “The rapist can’t end up with his victim unless he does something to prove his love right?”
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