ENGSUB 18 END | Golden (Roop thong) – รูปทอง – Thai BL

As the request of audiences, gcinee will sub this movie. Because the time isn’t allowed, I will only sub BL scenes . Please sympathy!


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64 Comments on ENGSUB 18 END | Golden (Roop thong) – รูปทอง – Thai BL

  1. Is there engsub version for this series? Please help share engsub… ☺️ Thank you!

  2. Would you translate this series to English. please translate. I do not understand whether uke is a bad person or a good person. thanks in advance.😊😊😄

  3. .this is a very nice series ; but why dosent have Eng/Subs episodes ?????

  4. Golden is a very nice series i like it very much my problem is i don’t understand most of it cause there’s no Eng/Subs. why is it ??????

  5. Eng sub pleasssss

  6. No eng sub?

  7. OM gosh I soooo need this translated

  8. there are no subtitle -___-

  9. Can somebody plz plz eng sub this series it seems so good.

  10. English Sub Please

  11. Henryovivi // June 14, 2018 at 6:27 pm // Reply

    Hi, I’m really sorry where is the engsub for golden the series?? I really want to watch it

  12. Hi there! Are there no English subs for this BL TV show? Thanks so much! 😀

  13. Eng subs pls? Looks nice!

  14. Cant see the drama? I already click the link, but nothing happen

  15. Please sub this

  16. Can u provide enusub of Golden series plzzz

  17. english subtitle please

  18. Sir plzz provide enusub episodes of this series..

  19. No engsub for this series?

  20. Do u know anywhere to watch this is English sub?

  21. any english subtitle for this series place. tnx.

  22. Such a good drama and doesn’t have subs😔

  23. Sub please 🙏

  24. Waiting for the eng sub so much!!!

  25. Cheryl Keller // July 20, 2018 at 11:37 am // Reply

    when is golden going to be complete with English subtitles

  26. this show seems really interesting. I would like to know if the translation team is planning to add engsub in this series. it would be awesome! No pressure, just asking to see if I keep the title on my watch list or no. Thank you in advance! You guys always do a amazing job. Thank you for giving us so many wonderful series.

  27. I hope you can sub this one sometime. It looks like it’s very interesting! Keep up with the good work!
    Thanks 🙂


  29. Bill Michael // August 17, 2018 at 12:03 am // Reply

    Oh…!!! Thank You So Much…!!!
    I see someone has decided to do ENGSUB(s) for thi series.

  30. When will the other engsub episodes be released??

  31. Please realeased next episode with engsub thanks

  32. Please engsub the next episode thanks

  33. when will you sub other episodes?

  34. I’m waiting for the nex eng sub chapter, I already Watch it whithout subs😢It sad but is really a very God drama even I don’t understand a word😔

  35. Will you sub the rest of the episodes? TT.TT
    I can’t find subs anywhere for this drama 🙁

  36. Hello,

    I hope there will be an upcoming english subtitles for all of the episodes of this series (Golden).

    Love lots,

  37. Anymore Eng Subs for the other episodes for this series?

  38. yes please, more ENGSUB THank you!!

  39. Rich mendicant // September 28, 2018 at 8:23 am // Reply

    Is there any Eng subbed for episodes 2 on wards?

    I think this is a good lakorn.

  40. kimjung_ai5675 // December 26, 2018 at 5:17 pm // Reply

    why it does not ave engsub ???
    can u make it engsub???

  41. P’ just ep. 01 engsub?? other eps nothing?

  42. Only episode 1 is subtitled and why give these raw ones? No use here…. USELESS.

  43. why did the engsub link for ep 2 start at the end of ep8 and continue with ep9. your links and videos are not in order. i’ve waited so long for eng subs of this drama please fix it

  44. whats up with the engsub link for ep2. it’s ep9 on the ep2 link

  45. I think episode 2 is wrong. The one you posted is not really the episode 2

  46. tq so much for the subtitle…i really appreciate it!

  47. hey , why the second EP not compelet !!! like just 26 minutes

  48. Kuroani_ya // June 14, 2019 at 10:01 pm // Reply

    I’m glad it’s getting subbed. Hopefully there will be more people interested in this serie, so that it can get subbed completely.
    Thank you for all the hard work you guys put in subbing these series and movies ♡♡♡

  49. nothing ENGSUB,, how can i get ENGSUB??

  50. Why are you guys not subbing complete episode ? cause I think each episode is 50 mins each

  51. Thank you so much for subbing this. Ahm! Can I be a downer? Could you upload the 2nd episode completely, please? THANK YOU AGAIN

  52. Thank you for subbing this series. Ahm, couldd you upload the full 2nd ep,please?

  53. Sir, there is a possibility enable in Google player?
    Im so anxious about this series 😱🤗

  54. why am i unable to watch this….plz sub it..i am unable to open any link

  55. Something wrong in engsub…why in engsub 01 and 02 are not make sense

  56. Warren Abeshouse // July 1, 2019 at 10:23 pm // Reply

    Suer is such a wuss! Mind you, he has a domineering, manipulative mother and a clingy, manipulative girlfriend to deal with, both standing in the way between him and his true love Rob. Poor boy, he has to grab every chance he can to be with Rob, which is hard with the mother doing everything she can to keep them apart, while Rob for his part is just as manipulative as the other two in his efforts to grab Suer for himself, but like all Thai boys, he bows to the will of his mother as he loves her, though I’m sure he realises what she’s really like. So it’s a battle of wills for the foreseeable future until either Rob or the mother win.

  57. Kaneki Ken // July 3, 2019 at 9:41 am // Reply

    very disappointed in ROB i know he loves suer but damnnn boy, that boy is out there using u.. yes suer also loves you but he will not give up his family for u.. its sad…i want rob to have happiness.. and like damnn khao please girl stop trying to force urself on a gay man…

  58. there is no english sub in 01 eposode

  59. Stanley Ho // July 6, 2019 at 3:37 pm // Reply

    Kindly pls sub the full episode of this series golden-rupthong as I don’t really see the meaning of just sub the BL part. Thank you.

  60. I think there’s a problem with the first few subbed parts, because they show scenes from later episodes instead of the episode they say they’re from.

  61. There’s problem with first few eng subs they aren’t in order

  62. The English subtitled version of the 12. episode isn’t available. Please load it up again.

  63. Episode 2 seems to be the wrong one. Could you please fix it because I really want to watch the whole series. Please!

  64. its an humble request sir please sub the full episode of the series golden-roop thong so as we can understand the each development in the series. we are really thankfully to your sub team for their great work hope you will soon update us with full sub episode.thank you

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