Joey Graceffa – DON’T WAIT

Director of Photography & Colorist: Doug Potts

Production Design By: Yikai Wang

Makeup, Hair & Special Effects: Monique Paredes

Edited By: Andrew Vallentine

Produced By: Daniel Preda

Visual Effects By: Kris Sundberg , Ryan Sundberg, & Ember Lab

Set Photographer: Hope Kauffman
Website: http://hopekauffmanphotography.blogsp…


Music by:
Eric Leva
Brett McLaughlin
Matt Parad…


Mom/Witch : Lindsey Endreson

Little Joey: Garret Endreson

Little Prince: Dylan Pobran

Goblins: Hunter Kauffman, Harrison Kauffman, & Jacob Wutke

Young Bullies:
Andrew Stice, Taylor Bennett, & Ethan Macalley

Talent By:
Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency

Assistant Editor: Brianna Gardner

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