Flaunt ‘I Haven’t Thought About You Yet’ by Lexi Kiddo

Director / co-Producer: Lexi Kiddo
Producer: Philippos Nikiforakis
DOP: Edward St Paul
Camera Operator: Muhanned Haraz
1st AC: Carlos Garcia Buenaventura
Choreography / Movement Direction: Brian Gillespie (B-Hybrid)
Set Assistant: Ksusha Zhitomirskaya
Make-up Artist: Hayley Ward
Make-up Artist: Chloe Edwards
Editor: Lexi Kiddo
VFX Supervisor: Alex Creed
Production Assistant: Vasilis Marvel


Sanuye Shoteka
Lucy Fizz
Dannie Pye
Hermes Pittakos

Eloise Sheldon
Jess Palmer
Jose Carayol
KJ Clarke-Davies
Richard Causer

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