I met you at the age of 17, and knew love;
18 years old because of you in jail, understand the responsibility;
Meet you again at the age of 21, and experience the bitterness of longing;
Hand in hand between the unchanging pure emotion and the treacherous reality.

Bai Zongyi, who is both excellent in character and academic and determined to practice medicine, never thought that he would be forced to pick up a wounded living creature back home when he was picking up money. Not only was he poisonous and picky, he also arrogantly occupied his home. Fan Zerui’s appearance made Bai Zongyi a little bit distressed, but it also added vitality to the boring high school days.
Fan Zerui looked at Bai Zongyi, who was working hard and working hard, as if seeing himself before. He did this once before, but was forced to give up as much as he tried. So he became a gangster who couldn’t get up and down, like a puddle of mud. Only Zong Yi affirmed him.
The two people who don’t seem to have an intersection, they continue to meet and attract each other like magnets that make up for the missing parts of both sides.
But as Fan Zerui’s enemy came again, with a gunshot, the life of Xueba and the underworld was completely reversed──