Mystique in The Mirror The Series (ใครในกระจก)







 ‘Mystique In The Mirror’ is an upcoming TV series based on Patrick Rangsimant’s novel with the same name ‘ใครในกระจก’ starring Tou Sedthawut, Pentor Jeerapat, Sugus Buntawit, and Tenon Teachapat.
He thought he saw a stranger…
He thought he was sick…
He thought they were his family…
Turned out, he was wrong in the first place…
Alan had been a normal teenage boy until seeing a ghost of an old man reflected in mirrors every time he used one changed everything. Believing Alan saw hallucinations, his father sent him to an asylum, hoping he would have his son treated and return home. Alan, while in the asylum, discovered a document that stated his father’s long-ago death. “Dad, how could you pick up this call? Aren’t you—no longer alive?” And the line was cut off.

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