Tour guide Berta (Irma Adlawan) is having a tough time making ends meet. She’s forced to let her son Omel (Ruru Madrid) travel to the big city to take a job at an electronics store. Luis (Orlando Sol) is studying to be a seaman, but can’t seem to pass his exams. His girlfriend Dolores (Max Collins) is working as an intern at a resort, and dreams of going abroad as well. Sandra (Mylene Dizon), following a painful event back in Manila, returns to her native Bohol, taking her spoiled son Eric with her.


Starring : Orlando Sol, Lester Hernandez, Kristia Chua

Executive Producer – Jezza Baron
Director – Ac Lascano
Assistant Director – James Leonard Timbol
Production Manager – Aldrin Paul Carreon
Screenwriters – Lara Edilo & Vannah Paige San Pablo
Casting Director – Maureen Mae Jabone
Location Manager – Frances Grace Cablay
Production Designer – Kriselle Amor Hermogenes
Art Director – Bernadette Marcelino
Assistant Art Director – Gino Gonzales
Director of Photography – Vanessa Candice San Luis
Assistant Camera – Ralph Angelo Allanigue
Gaffer – Arman Pereyra & Joshua Patawaran
Sound Director – Tyrone Jin Takamori
Editor – Ac Leadelle Lascano & Vanessa Candice San Luis
Promotions & Publicity – Marc Andrew Florendo & Cristine Lawig
Production Assistants – Michelle Yang & Andy Li