FLIRTING YOU | 鄭斌彥 陳政宏 白胡椒

Responding to Taiwan same-sex marriage legalization, Malaysian YouTuber Bingyen collaborates with Z-Horng and Pepper to release “Flirt You”, the first single about gay marriage proposal.


2019 is an important year for same-sex marriage in Asia. Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage, and Thailand has endorsed the draft of Civil Partnership bill, potentially to become the next Asia country to legalize same-sex marriage. Although there are quite a number of songs about LGBT out there, most of them are describing the grief and dilemma of LGBT couples. Same-sex relationship should be sweet and happy as well. Thus, Malaysian talented creator, Bingyen composed this romantic proposal love song, shouting out for LGBT couples.


Bingyen is the producer, lyricist and composer of “Flirt You”. He invites and collaborates with online singer, Z-Horng and new talented songwriter, Pepper. Z-Horng and Pepper aren’t gay, but they show their support to same-sex marriage through their voices in this song. Pepper’s song writing speed is amazing. He used less than half a day to complete the rap part of the song, adding some coolness into this sweet song.

If you solely listen to this song, you might feel that this is just an ordinary love song on the market. You will be surprised if you watch the Music Video! This MV is an international production. Most of the scene was shot in Malaysia, while the rap scene was shot in Taiwan. Due to the sensitivity of Malaysia society towards LGBT, the team spent the shortest time on the most crucial scene of the MV – The Marriage scene. They were surprised that the shooting went smoothly when there were other races who oppose LGBT at the site. Bingyen places great hope on this song to be viral among the gays and lesbians.